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03 Aug '15

Pioneer4You releases the iPV 4S. What are the differences between the original iPV4 and iPV 4S?

Posted by Ian Kennedy

Pioneer4You releases the iPV 4S. What are the differences between the original iPV4 and iPV 4S?

The iPV4 from Pioneer4You was the most anticipated dual battery box mod of the year. It had the vaping industry talking because of its features, unique design and overall performance. Even though the iPV4 is one of the hottest box mods on the market, many people experienced issues with the device. Pioneer4You decided to release an updated version, the iPV 4S to correct the problems. Many have asked, what are differences between the iPV4 and the iPV 4S? Is it worth buying? Let’s see what the iPV 4S has to offer to its users.

The iPV4S  is the upgraded version of the iPV4 by Pioneer4You. The iPV 4S was developed to correct the issues from previous version. The firmware has been upgraded in the iPV4S , allowing to reach up to 120 watts and 100 joules in titanium mode, rather than 50 joules with the iPV4. Pioneer4You also removed the tint on the OLED screen on the iPV 4S. The screen is much brighter and easier to read when adjusting the wattage, voltage, joules and viewing the battery life. The primary compliant users had with the iPV4 was the charging board. Batteries could short, causing major issues with the device. Advanced users would take out the charging board themselves (we do not recommend trying yourself). In addition, the 9 voltage charging port has been removed from the battery case due to juice leaking inside the iPV4.

        Here’s the list of improvements Pioneer4You has made with the iPV 4S:

  •         Removed charging board (eliminate shorting issues)
  •         Removed the 9 voltage port hole
  •         0.05 ohms in nickel and titanium mode
  •         Supports dual titanium wire
  •         OLED clear screen protector (replaced tint)
  •         100 joules in temperature control (50 joules in iPV4)
  •         Sleeker design, rounded corners
  •         New SX330v3n YiHi Chip

There are quite a few redefined improvements with the iPV 4S to the previous iPV4. Keep in mind, the iPV4 has a software update, allowing users to reach 120 watts, however; the design is still flawed. Both devices come with Micro USB slots only for firmware updates and not for charging. The reason these box mods do not offer USB charging is because it takes dual 18650 batteries. Devices which support (1) 18650 battery typically have a Micro USB for charging. The battery back is easy to remove for changing out your batteries.

In closing, our thoughts about the iPV 4S temperature control box mod is still a revolutionary device. The improvements made by Pioneer4You makes this one of the best box mods on the market. It feels very nice in the hand, stylish, great quality performance and fires as low as 0.05 in temperature control mode. You will get a clean and smooth vape with each puff. Keep in mind the iPV 4S fires up to 100 joules rather than 50 joules with the previous version. It’s a solid option for vapers wanting one of the best vaping experiences.

Interested about the iPV 4S by Pioneer4You? Vape Society Supply has many different vape bundles available to meet your needs and wants. Here is a list of iPV 4S bundles we have created for you:

  1. iPV 4S + Black Herakles Tank + (2) MXJO batteries 
  2. iPV 4S + Atlantis 2 Tank + (2) MXJO batteries 
  3. iPV 4S + Elite Tank + (2) MXJO batteries 
  4. iPV 4S + Triton Tank + (2) MXJO batteries 

Need help setting up your bundle? Here’s a few tips on how to use the device.

  • iPV 4S + Black Herakles Tank
  • The Herakles standard coil has a resistance of 0.6 ohms. The recommended wattage for is between 50-75 watts. The backup coil is Ni200 and only can be used in temperature control mode. The Ni200 coil can be used from 200-575 degrees fahrenheit. Adjust the iPV 4S box mod in temperature control mode, then select desired temperature.

    The Herakles tank has a unique feature with the coil units. The Atlantis 2 coils are interchangeable with the Herakles tank. We recommend using the 0.3 ohm coils with the tank. These coils will fire from 50-80 watts, however; we recommend between 70-80 watts.

    Please Note** Ni200 coils will only work in temperature control mode.

  • iPV 4S + Atlantis 2
  • The Atlantis 2 standard coil is 0.3 ohms while the backup is 0.5 ohms. The recommended use of the 0.3 ohm coil is 70-80 watts. Keep in mind the Atlantis 2 backup 0.5 ohm coil is recommended for 20-30 watts. If you fire the over the recommended wattage, you will burn out the coil and get dry hits.

    Before vaping the Atlantis 2, make sure to prime the coil. Priming the coil means, juicing each of the juice holes on the coil and just a tad of juice at the top of the coil. The cotton needs to be soaked with the juice, to avoid dry hits. Fill the tank with juice and let it stand for about 1 minute. As the juice seeps into the cotton, you will see bubbles coming from the side of the coil. Once this process is completed, select the desired wattage and start your vaping experience.

    Please Note** The higher the wattage used, the faster the juice will burn and Ni200 coils are not supported on the Atlantis 2.

  • iPV 4S + Elite Tank
  • The Elite Tank by Sigelei is a unique tank because the tank includes 3 different coils.
    Below are the recommended wattages for each coil:

    • 1.2 ohm supports 10-20 watts
    • 0.5 ohm supports 20-30 watts
    • 0.2 ohm Ni200 temperature control supports 30-70 watts

    Please be aware that the 0.2 ohm resistance coils are nickel coils for use in temperature control mods only. Do not use the nickel coils in regulated mods without temperature control functionality or mechanical mods.

  • iPV 4S + Triton Tank
  • The Aspire Triton tank is one-of-a-kind. The Triton tank system brings an all new convenient top fill, incredible airflow and the optional RTA system.
    Top fill instructions:

    • Twist from the base of the drip top, setting the arrow to the fill setting
    • Remove the Triton’s airflow drip tip system and fill with juice into the hole
    • Reset the arrow to the vaping position (face exhaling vapor icon)
    • Reattach the Triton’s airflow drip tip system and enjoy your vape

    The pre-made coils are available in 3 different resistance levels:

    • 0.3 ohm supports 45-55 watts
    • 0.4 ohm supports 25-30 watts
    • 1.8 ohm supports 10-13 watts

    The Triton drip tip delivers selectable airflow to help cool the vapor. Simply twist the drip tip to the desired airflow (very similar to the Atlantis 2).
    The Triton RTA System Tips: The RTA system is simple and easy to use for users you enjoy rebuilding their own coils.

    Gauge of wire

    Inner diameter


    Recommended resistance


    26 gauge/0.4mm



    0.9 ohm

    15-20 watts

    24 gauge/0.5mm



    0.5 ohm

    20-25 watts

    22 gauge/0.6mm



    0.4 ohm

    20-25 watts

    21 gauge/0.7mm



    0.3 ohm

    25-30 watts


    In Ti mode, it goes up to 100J. In Ni it goes up to 50.

    Posted by Tony on March 31, 2016

    The ipv4s does not have 100 joules its 50j just like the ipv4

    Posted by Danny Bautista on March 02, 2016

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