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26 Aug '15

What is Temperature Control? What are the advantages of using Temperature Control mode?

Posted by Ian Kennedy

What is Temperature Control? What are the advantages of using Temperature Control mode?

Vaping has moved into many new directions ever since it was introduced years ago. Regular cigarette smokers converted to e-cigarettes in hopes to lower their nicotine intake and enjoy a more healthier alternative. Vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes because it removes the chemicals, toxins and tar contained in cigarettes.

The most cutting edge technology with vaping was the cylinder mechanical tubes but with new advanced technology, vapers are flocking over to using temperature control mods. Vaping hardware companies such as Sigelei, Pioneer4you and Evolv have developed a new method of vaping. The trending form of vaping is using higher end box mods with temperature control mode. There are many devices to choose from, but what does temperature control mean? What are the advantages of using temperature control? Let’s take a deep dive to understand what temperature control mode has to offer vapers.

The market is vastly changing, offering a multitude of temperature control devices. Temperature control mode limits the temperature of the coils in the atomizer so it stays constant. In order to use the temperature control feature you must be using nickel (Ni200) or titanium (Ti) wires/coils. When nickel and titanium wire/coils heat up, the resistance is fixed in proportion to the desired temperature. With temperature control mode, you have complete control over your hit. You can take short to long drags without receiving the horrid dry hits. Temperature control is the new wave of vaping. Since this feature is still fairly new in the vaping industry, people are still up in the air about temperature control. I am currently using a temperature control setup; the Black Herakles by Sense with the Sigelei 150W TC. When using temperature control, I receive a clean, smooth and purer tasting vape. I’ve noticed the ejuice lasts longer, better flavor and bigger clouds, when using Ni200 coils. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to recommend a certain temperature and joule set because everyone has their own sweet spot, but I love vaping at 475 degrees Fahrenheit at 50 joules using Ni200 coils.

Temperature control mode must be used with temperature control devices, wire and/or coils. It CANNOT be used in standard mode.
Here are some of the popular temperature control devices available on the market:

Temperature control settings will adjust the temperature, allowing you to fine tune the flavor of the ejuice. I found using standard kanthal coils, the flavor of my ejuice will not be consistent with every hit, however; using Ni200 coils at a certain temperature the ejuice is more flavorful with each and every puff. Temp control has totally changed my outlook and it’s truly the future of vaping.

Here are some recommendations on setting the Temperature Control. Try using these settings to find your sweet spot:

  • 400 Degrees Fahrenheit with 40 Joules
  • 475 Degrees Fahrenheit with 40-45 Joules
  • 500 Degrees Fahrenheit with 45-50 Joules

* I find using anything over 500 degrees, the vape is a bit on the warm side to me. Adjust the temperature and joules to find the best setting to fits your wants and needs. Let us know what settings best fits you.  


Thanks for the sharing bro!

Posted by alvon marco on November 05, 2015

Well i have the ipv d 4 or whatever it is and the aspire triton with the 1.8 attys, what would you recommend joules and temp for it

Posted by Andreas on October 13, 2015

Can I use Ti wire on a sigelei 150watt temperature control box mod.

Posted by spencer on September 25, 2015

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