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13 Jul '15

Clones vs Authentic Mods: the Pros & Cons

Posted by Ian Kennedy

Clones vs Authentic Mods: the Pros & Cons

In the vaping world, clones and mechanical mods continue to be controversial. Many say there is a slight difference between the two, however; that is not always the case. Clones are definitely much cheaper but most vaping enthusiasts will opt to purchase the real deal. So the question is do you spend your dollars on a clone or just bite the bullet and buy an authentic?

Let’s define the difference between a clone and an authentic. Clones are crafted copies of the original, using cheaper materials and hardware. Many people will say “there are very minor differences and basically the same thing”. Personally, I few clones in my vaping collection and have never had any issues with them. For example, my first mod was the SMPL mechanical clone. It’s a simple device with a tube and bottom button. I paid about $40 for it and fell in love with it. As I compared it with the authentic SMPL, I did notice the differences but was content with the mod and of course the price. Still today, I never had any issues with it.

Due to the clones being inexpensive, companies are mass produce this devices quicker than the real hardware companies. Clones have real potential to knock the real companies out of business because of the deep discounted prices. If ask a regular joe schmo, would you rather pay $40 for a 1:1 copy instead of $100+, nine times out of ten, the clone will win. Vape enthusiasts have no problem spending the retail price for an authentic. I do agree, that the materials are cheaper compared to authentics. Clone makers use different threading and cheaper metals, which raises a safety concern for the user. Lastly, if everyone continues to buy clones, the real company’s will not be able to maintain their business. This means the innovation will stop in the vaping industry.

That being said, let’s move to the authentic mods. They are just the best choice when money is not an issue. The quality is superior compared to a clone, plus the company’s worked with you more if you experience any issues with your device. Authentics are made to last! Like I previously stated, there are risks when purchasing a clone, but I am still open-minded to buying them if I do not want to shell out the big bucks. Every individual is different and will have their own opinions. I suggest you do some research to find out what is the best mechanical mod that fits your needs and wants.


Today’s clones are made just as well as the authentic ones. Not all of them but a lot of them are exact copies. Take the new Kayfun Mini V3. I have both and you can not see anything different between the 2. I will gladly pay $15 for these over the $100 they charge for the authentic. Research and development does not justify the high prices they want.

Posted by Eric Sievers on March 26, 2016

it’s unfair to assume that just because someone buys a clone that they would have bought the authentic had there been no such thing as clones. Perhaps some authentics just aren’t worth what makers charge so only a small percentage of people would buy them regardless.

Posted by gerard butler on December 17, 2015

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